Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Hottest Makeup for Fall

Have you been searching for the perfect beauty products to carry you through the fall and winter seasons? If so, Wet n WIld has the perfect shades for you! Whether you're looking for concealer, bronzer, lip color or nail polish, Wet n Wild has it all. In fact, this is why most users consider them the number one brand for teen Makeup all across the globe!
One amazing product is the Ultimate Minerals Powder Foundation. With this foundation you can say goodbye to uneven, blotchy skin and hello to beautiful, amazing coverage. This light, mineral-based formula provides a glowing, natural looking finish without feeling heavy like most foundations. If you're looking for a smooth, flawless face, Ultimate Mineral Powder Foundation is definetely the way to go.
Lips feeling naked? Check out the awesome Glassy Gloss Jelly Pops. These cute, sweetly scented glosses accentuate any face by adding a dash of delectable color leaving your lips looking scrumptious and totally kissable. And unlike many other products, you get all the shimmer without any of the sticky mess. In fact, the Glassy Gloss Jelly Pops soften and moisten lips so well they were voted Best for Colorless Shine in the October 2006 issue of O Magazine!
Looking for a great gift for a friend or family member that doesn't cost a bundle? Check out the Oh La La French Manicure. It comes with everything you'd need to create a great, at home French Manicure, including a set of mistake-proof nail guides to create a variety of French manicure shapes. Besides, why spend the time or money getting a pedicure when you can do it yourself for less than half the price?
For more information check out Wet N Wild for even more great products-you won't be disappointed!


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