Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That Cupcake Actually Houses A Small Village

That cupcake may look like a delicious baked good filled with frosting and love, but it actually contains a remote village of 700 indigenous peoples who are probably pissing themselves at the thought of being devoured by Khloezilla. The most gorgeous giant on the face of the planet took to her blog yesterday to warn the good people of New York that she would be passing by, thus warning them to evactuate immediately lest they want to experience a real life Cloverfield. No, she actually asked them to scurry on down and buy some baked goods (regular size I hope) to help her out on Celebrity Apprentice:
Hey dolls! For those of you in New York -- I want to invite you to a celebrity bake sale for charity tomorrow, Tuesday, October 7! There will be 8 celebrities selling cupcakes for charity including yours truly!!We will be at 57th and 5th Avenue from 10:30am to noon. Then from 12:30pm - 2:00pm we will be at the Rockefeller Center.You know you love cupcakes, so please come treat yourself and help some good causes at the same time!! Thank you all

What charity is she playing for? Habitat for People Who Lost Their Homes When Khloezilla stepped on them? I really hope so. That would be so kind of her. As long as she doesn't munch up "The Pie Hole" from Pushing Daisies, I will continue to love her for all time.


Ali-ers said...

I want a cupcake!

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