Thursday, October 30, 2008

That Girl is Being So Polite

Obviously the chick standing next to my arch rival Mischa Barton is Ms. Manners, because she is miraculously able to internalize her inner dialogue which is probably saying something like "OMFG! Can you believe this bitch showed up in that shit? I know it's Halloween and all, but damn! Chick looks like Liberache and Jeanne Bice's love child that has spent her entire life working with elves in the Bedazzler factory making Cher tour costumes for Bob Mackie." How blondie is not hysterically laughing in Mischa's fug face is beyond me. I certainly give her credit for her zen-like self control. Someone needs to give this girl a Nobel Peace Prize and inform Sangelina that she has some stiff competition in the best individual ever to grace humanity with their presence category.


Aliers said...

Gawd, Mischa does look terrible. What was she thinking? Does she own a mirror? I think she does own a Bedazzler. Or 10.
And Blondie def has a level of self control that is "zen-like"!

I hope you have an awesome Halloween, Mrs M! :D

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