Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That Is What I Am Talking About

You all must have heard my pleas to purchase McDonald's gift certificates for Colin Farrell due to his still slender appearance and decreasing hotness, because the Irishman showed up to the Rome Film Festival almost looking back to normal. You know, I'm really glad for Farrell's sobriety and one woman ways and all, but there's something missing from this new and improved Colin. Maybe it's just the hair. It might have some kind of reverse Samson effect on him. Like, with each inch his hair grows, the more power of the hotness is sucked from his body. Personally I think bald Colin is supreme hotness. Can't someone hire him and demand that he shave his head? This is of extreme importance. Wasting Colin's hotness is a crime that should be punishable by public flogging.


Aliers said...

He looks hawt! Rome must do good things for the menfolks.

I feel ya on the short hair tho', Ben looked hotter wif short hairs too.
Why, Gawd, Oh waahhy must these hawt mens be sporting da Jesus looks?!

Mrs. M. said...

lol if they start growing beards..well actually I think beards or hotter than the surface of the sun, but if they begin wearing Birkenstocks, that is it! We will be forced to intervene for the greater good of society.

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