Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well Played, Democratic Party. Well Played Indeed.

Now I'm not saying Obama has these two nitwits on his payroll, but if he did, he would be one smart cookie. Just think about it. Even if I was the most rightwingy right winger (which would not even happen if hell froze over, but let's just talk hypothetically for a moment), seeing these pictures of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag wearing McCain/Palin t-shirts would cause me to instantly run to my local DMV and insist that they change my party affiliation. If you cannot see exactly what is going on in this picture, he is holding a shotgun and a six pack while wearing a "God, Guns, Glory" shirt. She is sporting a "Read My Lipstick: Vote-McCain/Palin" tank while pretending to read "You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis". Ha! As if she can read! I will give her props for not having the book upside down though. Someone's been studying their pop ups! In all seriousness though, the dems could not have planned this better themselves. This endorsement right here does more for Obama than any ad or campaigning ever could.


Akeelers said...

These two are about as natural as Kim K's arse.

Aliers said...

Too bad they did't fall off that ledge they are leaning on.

It fits that they are
re-republicans. I bet they eat their boogers too.

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