Monday, October 27, 2008

Whoooooo's Desperate?

Before you ask, no, AnnaLynne McCord is not dressed as a down on her luck Tinkerbell that has been forced to work the corner for cash. The actress actually wore this monstrosity as an ensemble on Saturday when she hosted the 5th Anniversary of Christian Audiger The Nightclub. Now, I know the new 90210 is not taking off quite as well as she might have hoped, but is this really the manner in which she wants to gain attention? I mean this chick is like what-12? Let's pace our career a little bit before we start giving away the farm AnnaLynne. You still have several years of B-listy gigs until you have to start taking your clothes off for Sci-Fi original mini-series and horror movies with more sex scenes than dialog. Otherwise by the time you are 19 everyone will be responding to your bare breasteses with "Yeah well, what else is new" and you'll find yourself walking Robertson Blvd at mid day begging for the paps to at least pretend like they're taking your picture. In other words, slow down sweetie! You have at minimum three more years of semi-fame before you should start resorting to crotch shots and nip slips. Don't worry-you'll get there eventually. Just don't grow up too fast, grasshopper.


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