Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Do Not Laugh at Joaquin Phoenix

Yesterday I told you about the rumors that Joaquin Phoenix was quitting the acting biz for a music career. Now we have some video of the actor making his proclamation and, well, it's a little uncomfortable. After telling the E! reporter that the claims are true, the reporter lets out a nervous laugh which sets Joaquin off a bit. Joaquin starts to interrogate the dude on why he is laughing and moments later storms off. It all makes for an uncomfortable moment which you should be glad you weren't apart of.


Aliers said...

Hahahaha How awkward!

Casey Asslick is hawt! So much hotter than Ben Asslick :D

Madam Miaow said...

Laughing reporter — subtext: "You what, dude? You gotta be f'kidding. You? YOU?!!!! You wanna be a pop star? What are you, twelve? You can't sing. I heard you. In the shower. (Mmm, memories, sweet thang.) Movie star gets himself an air guitar and suddenly he's Kurt Cobain. Or River Phoenix. Oops!"

Joaquin shouldn't have taken the bait.

(To the deity who runs these things: Puh-leaze don't ever let me react like this in public with cameras running. Only at home crying into my Jack Daniels and my cats and Loved One.)

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