Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And Now for the REAL Election: Miss Horrorfest III!

If you guys aren't hip to After Dark Horrorfest and their 8 films to Die For, you should become so immediately! Every year, After Dark releases 8 Films to Die for, accompanied by a spokesperson who is dark, daring and dangerous. For my money I am going to have to go with Demon. She's hot and she scares me a little, which is a deadly combination. If I had to bet on someone though, it would definetely be Shelly (Martinez aka Salinas/Ariel from the WWE). She's a tried and true horror fan who made it about halfway on the show that no one watched or knew existed, "The Search for the Next Elvira". She already has a fan base, which could only increase the popularity of After Dark. If I had to kick someone in the teeth though, it would be fauz lesbians Dracula Girls. They don't even have a cool name. I think they would be better suited for doing discount porn made from black ink and copy machines.


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