Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anderson's Got a Boyfriend, Anderson's Got a Boyfriend

Out of nowhere, the gossip mills are churning with buzz that silver fox Anderson Cooper has a new boyfriend-27 year old Julio Cesar Recio (pictured on the left). In fact, the two have been a couple since around early 2006. Cooper even gave Julio a shout out in his book "Dispatches from the Edge" stating, "I’d like to thank Julio for his support and calm counsel without which this book would not have been possible." So what does Anderson's much younger luvah do for a living (when not giving it to America's favorite anchor, natch)? He manages Peerless, a wine imporium. Basically that's fancy talk for he works at a liquor store. Of course Anderson hasn't admitted to dating Julio, or even admitted publicly that he's gay. This has seemed to anger many a fellow homos such as Out Magazine, who harshly accused Anderson of living in a "glass closet". But what I don't understand is the need to announce that you're gay in the town square like it's some big deal. I mean, you don't see bitches on the cover of "People" with the headlines "I'm straight and I'm great!" That would just be stupid. In my humble opinion, having to announce that you're gay implies that you are different, or out of the norm. I'll be glad for the day when being gay, being straight, or being bi is just something you are-not who you are.


Daners said...


I mean, I knew he was gay, or at least thought I knew, but I wish he didn't bat or the other team! He's so sexy and I would allow Anderson Cooper to do dirty, dirty things to me.

And I would enjoy it.

However, I guess he wouldn't :( Tis a sad day for a straight lady.

And to add, I agree with you 110% on that sentence. It's so wonderful Heidi and Spencer are allowed to marry, but gays cannot. Yay America!


Anonymous said...

I felt exactly the same sentiments as the first commenter when I found out Anderson was gay, that was four years ago, but I'm still a huge fan of his. I hope his boyfriend makes him very, very happy because Anderson's a cool guy and a great reporter, he deserves it.

Mrs. M. said...

He is a cool guy! He shows the world that you can be a smart, educated individual and still have a special place in your heart for junk tv (as he's always talking about Tivoing "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", "Living Lohan", etc). Not to mention the fact that he'll go to places most other newscasters dare not dream. He even traveled with Fort Drum's 10th Mountain Division (where my husband and I are) in Afghanistan when my husband was over there which I thought was really great. At that time, no one else cared about the soldiers in Afghanistan but you know Anderson-always ahead of the curve.

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