Thursday, November 20, 2008


Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett recently did an interview on the Oprah show to promote their upcoming movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Unfortunately for Brad, O allowed questions from selected viewers, including one Brangeloonie, Christina, that made his Tom Selleck moustache crawl. Things are uncomfortable from the start, when Crazy Christina starts babbling on about how perfect Brad and Angelina go together and how she is glad that they found true love forever and ever. A shit eating grin instantly appears on the goddess Blanchett's face, clearly basking in the public uncomfort of his highness. Crazy C. then starts going on about all his tattoos, obviously knowing more about them than he does. This whole video makes me feel incredibly awkward. Can you even imagine if some chick you didn't know started asking you about that birthmark on your left butt cheek and inquiring about the scar you got on your right palm from falling off the monkey bars in Mrs. Frondorff's 2nd grade class? This would make me afraid. Very, very afraid.


Johnny Cakes said...

The unedited version of the interview included BrAnjolina's health problems and his recent colonoscopy. The transcript reads something like this:

Crazy C: OMG, are you sure? That is horrifying!
BrA: Oh, yeah!
Crazy C: It boggles the mind!
O: What are you talking about now?
Crazy C: And it came out of your ASS?
BrA: Yes!!!

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