Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blake Got Winehouse into Drugs, Is a Fame Whore

Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil Union took some time out of his busy schedule of not brushing his teeth or washing his clothes, to air out his stank laundry to the classiest rag in town, News of the World. In the interview, Blake admits that he got Amy into drugs, leading her down the dangerous path we all know she's on. He admits that he's the one that introduced her to hard drugs and self mutilation. “I made the biggest mistake of my life by taking heroin in front of her,” said Blake. “I introduced her to heroin, crack cocaine and self-harming. I feel more than guilty.” Blake, 26, described himself as a “recreational drug user” until he started taking heroin at the age of 22. “I was old enough to know better. Heroin and crack took hold of me and fucked me up,” he said. “It made me not look out for the woman that I love more than anyone else in the world...I didn’t stop it from happening. For that I take full responsibility. It became something we did as well as heroin."
Blake also recounts Amy's first experience with self mutilation, saying "I cut my arms after we fell out over doing too much drugs and losing sight of ourselves. Amy got really upset about seeing me bleeding. And because she’s loyal and fuckedd up over our love — like Romeo and Juliet — she cut her arms too." I think I might have missed that part of the story where Romeo and Juliet are all strung out and cutting the shit out of themselves. Was that in the middle? Were my pages just stuck together? If so, I have got to read the whole thing again because it seems as if I missed a very transitional part.
Much like Juliet, Amy also cheated on Blake with her manager's assistant in a crack-fueled haze. “They kicked my heart around the prison. It was very embarrassing, very hurtful. I would like to say it was Alex’s fault. I don’t like the thought of Amy being weak and being taken advantage of. But I can’t really see him taking advantage of anyone.” Not one to just let his meal ticket go that easily, Fielder Civil quickly forgave his wife. “When Amy confessed to me about Alex she was crying. “I asked her: ‘Do you still love me?’ She cried and told me, ‘Yes, Yes, Yes.’ “So I forgave her and said, ‘It’s fine. You don’t love him. You love me. I’m in prison but I’ll be out soon. Don’t worry. We’ll get through it’.”
Despite it all, Blake insists he he won't be there for Amy until she gets clean. “But for her recovery I have to leave her alone.” He added: “I will never stop wanting Amy and loving her and craving her. More than anything I am addicted to Amy. I will do anything for her — and that includes walking away. If something bad happened to Amy now I would KILL myself without a question.”
He then goes to on to say that he isn't cheating on her, that if she divorces him he doesn't want a six-pence (we'll see about that), and that all he wants is for her to get clean. Ah, true romance. There's nothing like the one you love making a few
bucks spilling all your secrets to the rags. It's the new Hallmark.



Mari said...

he's a complete jerk. he doesn't want any money...yeah right.

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