Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blake Lively in December's W Magazine

Gossip Girl Blake Lively plays up her All American looks in the latest issue of W magazine by looking particularly patriotic. Suprising for a magazine that has a reputation of being so edgy and high fashion. Although it seems since Obama-rama has swept the nation, even the biggest fashion cynics are once again proud to be Americans. Having a good pres will do that for you. Anyway, Blake chats with the mag about how she got into the biz, and how lucky she feels to be a part of one of the biggest shows on television. “My mom and dad always taught acting, so instead of getting me babysitters, they would just bring me to class,” Blakes states. “I’ve been learning as I’m going along. I thought, Okay, I’ll try a movie. And I was loving films, so I thought, No, I don’t want to try TV. But now I’m loving being on the show more than I ever could have imagined. It has been just the most amazing experience anybody could ever ask for. It’s such a blessing.” Nice to see someone who appreciates their fame and fortune.
BTW, not that this is a big deal or anything, but um...where are Blake Lively's legs? They are totally nonexistant in the cover and first picture. I know W wants to photoshop their coverbitches to look slimmer, but damn! Decapitation is a little much don't we think? That being said, she can really pull the leg-less look off. That's one sexay torso.


Aliers said...

I am missing out because I've never seen GG!
I feel cheated :(

Mrs. M. said...

I haven't seen it either. I think I am going to wait till my husband deploys and rent the 1st and 2nd seasons on netflix. I was alllll about t.v. seasons when he was gone last time. (Like Weeds and Carnivale!!) I also want to see The Tudors-I hear that is awesome.

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