Friday, November 21, 2008

Colin Farrell in November's Grazia Italy

Good will ambassador for hotness Colin Farrell recently sat down with Italian weekly magazine Grazia to discuss being hot, being charitable, and being hot. Actually I have no idea whatsoever what he talked about, because I don't read Italian. But if I had to guess, I would say he discussed his work with The Special Olympics, his son James, his sobriety and his new movie Triage. Colin has become so predictable. Angelic and generous yes, but also predictable. I hate to say it, but he's got a major case Sangie syndrome. One day they're tattoo addicts obsessed with knives and women and blood vials, the next they're snatching up all the orphans of the world and saving the homeless. I think this is a good old fashion case of invasion of the body snatchers. I mean think about it, if you were an alien, would you choose to inhabit the body of Angelina or Colin (or Karolina Kurkova!!), or would you ask to be John Goodman? I think that answer is pretty obvious.



Johnny Cakes said...

I am not certain how much sarcasm I should be reading into your post, but I am confused. Colin Farrell and Mischa Barton are C'mon, Mrs. M. don't be swayed by his accent. This is not a good man.

While Miss Barton may be an idiot, getting paid ridiculous amount of cabbage to be glamorous, Mr. Farrell is an idiot, getting paid ridiculous amounts of cabbage to be glamorous. Also, I am a horny bunny like everyone else, but I am yet to read an interview where he doesn't talk--no, boast--about how many women (including prostitutes) he bangs.

But I don't want to be a Judge Jerry. Perhaps this latest article talks of something monogomous? Perhaps? Unfortunately, like you say, we will never know, it is in Italian.

Mrs. M. said...

No Johnny Cakes-Colin Farrell has changed! (Yes, I sound like an abusive spouse trying desperately to justify her husband's action, but still!) Ever since he got clean and sober a year ago, he seems to have turned his life around 180 degrees. He's been with the same chick almost the whole time (a regular chick too, not one of those cokewhore models), and devotes a lot of time to disabled children's charities. I am as cynical as they come, but I totally believe getting off alcohol and drugs changed him into the hot monk he is today.

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