Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cuteness Overload

As much smack talking and mud slinging that goes on in this site, it's about high time we all check our cynacism at the door and take a moment to enjoy the beautiful things in life. Such as the tiniest horse in the world. The 15 inch silver dun tovero foal was born 10 days ago to mother Bliss at Riverdance Stud Farm in Victoria, South Australia. The healthy filly is expected to grow to about 24 inches. (Two fucking feet!!!) Normally, miniature horses are born between 20 inches and 23 inches but do not exceed about 34 inches when fully grown. The birth has generated such excitement in the community that local people are entering a competition to give the horse a name in time for Christmas. Might I suggest cutesteffingthingintheentirehistoryoftheworld? Or if that's taken, how about "AWWW!!!!" because you know that's the first thing that comes out of anyone's mouth when they lay eyes on that little cutie patootie. Even my heart is melting, and it is made out of stone and coal. I don't know about you, but I'm totally losing my shit looking at that pony. It's so cute that I seriously almost can't stand it.


ChicChickory said...

Okay..too weird. You and I are in the cuteness mode apparently. I just posted my own overload of cuteness today too. Great minds....

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