Monday, November 24, 2008

Dig the Knife in Deeper

I have been mourning the loss of the greatest show ever, "Pushing Daisies" like nobody's business. And although I keep praying for a mirical that brings the dead show back to life, the media seems to have no problem telling me and other Daisies fans just how deceased the series is. Take for example, E! news. The show recently caught up with Daisies star Kristin Chenoweth, who talked about how much she loved being a part of the series, and how much she will miss it. E! just couldn't air her fond farewell without having to really emphasize that the show is done, kaput, finished. Why does everyone insist on pouring salt on the wound? No one can just leave it with "the series is cancelled". They have to say something to affect of "Pushing Daisies is dead. I killed it myself. I stabbed it with sharp pencils, gave it 500 paper cuts, drenched it in tar, put a bag over it's head, poured concrete all over it, tied an anvil to it, threw it off the Bay bridge, and then spit into the water. So yeah. It's effing dead and gone. I didn't even give it a eulogy. Take that Daisies fans." What a bunch of jerkfaces.


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