Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dita Von Teese in December's Playboy Denmark

International postergirl for pasty white chicks Dita Von Teese brought her porcelain skin and rockabilly hair to Denmark to pose for the December issue of Playboy. As gorgeous as Dita is, she just doesn't strike me as a "Playboy" kind of chick. When I think Playboy, I think of bottle blonde bimbos that couldn't read "George and Martha" if their lives depended on it. And I certainly don't think of fetish models with an affinity for platform pumps and corsets. Basically I think of bitches with no brains and no imagination. But I guess the horny bastards of Denmark have a different idea of what is sexy and what is boring. In which case, I would be inclined to agree.


Johnny Cakes said...

I just found what I will be master-abusing to this month. (Where the F do you get a Denmark Playboy??)

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