Monday, November 24, 2008

Do I?!?

I am immediately revising my Christmas list, scratching off all the worldly possessions that I hoped for in liu of something more magical. Something much bigger than you and I. Something I could only have ever dreamed of: a phone call from Khloezilla! The world's hottest giant is offering up her fans (me and some dude that lives in Peru) the chance of a lifetime. In a bulletin from her myspace, the only useful Kardashian states that she has set up a voicemail system that gives her two fans insight into what's going on with her that week. (Destroying Tokyo, getting her nails done, playing laser tag with her eyes, lunching at The Ivy with Megalon, etc.) The first time someone calls the voicemail, their number is stored so that one day Khloezillz can call them up in the fire breathing flesh! Oh I am SO all over this one. My first question: Is she really fueding with Biollante over a Greek shipping heir, or was that just for publicity? I bet it totally was!


Johnny Cakes said...

If you get the phone call, can you ask her if she will go out with me? And no, I cannot promise 'no heavy petting'.

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