Saturday, November 29, 2008

ET's Top Ten "Hunks" of 2008

It seriously pains me to post this. I might cry a little bit (ok, I'm already crying), because nearly everyone on this list is a sad, sorry excuse for a man. In fact, I'm pretty sure most of them aren't even technically dudes. I bet John Tesh is behind this. In comparison these dudes make him look like Russell Crowe in a bar brawl during a football match after 3 pints and 2 cigars. Machismo! Now, if you would like to see Mrs. M's opinion of true hotness (as I refuse to use the word "hunks"-that word is gross and ridiculous, click here for a mo' betta list of guys (sadly minus of course Bear Grylls), and here for some sexay ladies that probably have more testosterone than this entire list of "hunks"
ET's bunk ass list
1. Robert Pattinson (I'm totally buying what he's selling in bulk)
2. Zac Efron (Ken doll down there)
3. Tony Romo (vagina on steroids)
4. Reggie Bush (disgusting)
5. Shia LaBeouf (maybe for others)
6. Adam Rodriguez (who?)
7. Chris Pine (wha?)
8. James Franco (fine)
9. Jay Hernandez (no)
10. Simon Baker (pass)


Mari said...

Robert is just so pretty.

Emily said...


nv said...

why is james franco way down there, he's the sexiest and manliest looking one on there...droool

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