Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Five Deadly Words: Zip Up Acid Washed Jeans

As if Amy Winehouse doesn't have enough reasons for us to think she's batsmack crazy. The singer was spotted yesterday sporting the biggest "hell to the no" in fashion history: the acid washed jean. But it doesn't stop there-they have zippers on the side too. Yes, motherfucking zippers on acid washed jeans. Perhaps Amy is merely wearing them to distract from the severe crackface she's got going on. In which case, bright move, Amers. But my insticts are telling me that she honestly thought this was a good choice. She probably gave herself the once over before she left the house, peeling off the loose scabs and wiping the obvious blood off her Pink Ladies jacket and thought "Damn. I look hot. These jeans really accentuate my refugee legs while maintaining the sort of elegance that comes with acid wash." Actually, that sounds a little too rational. She probably just thought "FHGncoishc rosamf grrrgggllll brrrrr." which I wish I could translate, but I don't speak Crazy.


Madam Miaow said...

What happened to her laces?

I love Amy. But top rant, Mrs M.

Mrs. M. said...

I really love her too. BTB and Frank are some of my favorite albums ever, and her lyrics really touch my soul. I wish she would get her buisness together so that she could continue to bring her talent to the world for along, long time to come.

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