Monday, November 17, 2008

For the Love of Jesus, Just Get Back Together Already and Call It a Day

When some people have near death experiences, they tend to re-evalute their lives, realizing that what is truely important are the close friendships you form with the people you love. This concept however, has seemed to evade Travis Barker who has vehemently denied getting back together with ex-wife Shanna Moakler. Nevertheless this did not stop Shanna from attending Travis' barfday party yesterday with their children in tow. If you ask me, these two are either two of the biggest attention whores ever, or simply the most indecisive bitches in the history of the universe. Right now I'm leaning towards saying they are an equal amount of both. I don't care how hot Travis Barker is (and he is pretty effing hot), he's still a dude that hit Paris Hilton and you can't get lower than putting it to that ho. In fact, that's probably considered a near death experience in it's own right. I'm sure you see the white light at some point and it definetely seems like a "come to Jesus" kind of moment. But I digress.


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