Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forbes Most Overexposed Celebrities

Forbes has come out with their annual list of the most obnoxious, in our face, won't go away no matter how much we beg celebrities. Suprisingly (not suprisingly at all) Nancy Spungen has clocked in at the number one spot. Follwing in her size 12 footsteps are Britney Spears, Lindsay and Dina Lohan and Miley Cyrus. One person that did make the list that I don't agree with is Nicole Richie. I think she's laid fairly low since giving birth to baby Harlow, hitting the red carpet on special occassions only. As far as making the rounds on talk shows, I've only seen her do those once this year when promoting her guest role on "Chuck". I certainly don't think she's more overexposed than that diarreah for brains attention whore Heidi Montag. Someone seriously dropped the ball on that one. Dropped it, watched it bounce for five miles, land in an ocean and float away never to be heard from again.
No. 1: Paris Hilton-Overexposed Score: 65%
No. 2: Britney Spears - Overexposed Score: 65%
No. 3: Lindsay Lohan - Overexposed Score: 56%
No. 4: Dina Lohan- Overexposed Score: 50%
No. 5: Pamela Anderson - Overexposed Score: 49%
No. 6: OJ Simpson - Overexposed Score: 47%
No. 7: Donald Trump - Overexposed Score: 44%
No. 8: Miley Cyrus - Overexposed Score: 44%
No. 9: Nicole Richie - Overexposed Score: 44%
No. 10: Heidi Montag- Overexposed Score: 44%


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