Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free At Last!

The freedom fighter of our great generation, Blake Fielder-Civil (better known as Mr. Amy Winehouse) has been released into the wild! Blake was let out of jail today on early release with the stipulation that he must wear an electronic tag and immediately go to rehab. HA! Rehab and Blake go together like KFed and condoms. Shit just is not happening. What is sketcherific about this whole thing though is that Amy was not present to welcome her fug husband's newfound freedom with balloons, blood and smack. She is allegedly getting some lung work done aka getting a new one because hers looks like Nosferatu after six hundred years of being buried alive with no fresh blood being circulated into the system. Never fear though-I am sure Amy and Blake will be roaming the streets of London in no time buying up popsicles and scratching random paps with their dirty crack claws. And all shall be right in the world.
And btw, I did not choose that picture because I hate you. I chose it because it is the cleanest and most appropriate he has perhaps ever looked. Who wears short shorts? Blake wears short shorts!


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