Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Go Fuck Yourself

You know how when you're fighting with someone and they say something to the affect of "Oh go fuck yourself"? Well it seems as if P!nk takes that phrase very seriously. In the video for her latest single "Sober", the singer does the dirty time with herself. Around 2:20, you can see a Pink on Pink make-out sensh which is, well...I guess it's a little strange. Seeing two of the same person making out with themselves reminds me of twins which reminds me of incest, which reminds me of gross. Perhaps Pink got the idea from this video from the amazing Peaches, whom she collaborated with for "Oh My God" back in the day. In the video for Peaches' song "Downtown", the singer plays with her androgony (as she often does), making out with herself as both a man and a woman. That video doesn't disturb me though, because it doesn't remind me of siblings doing it. I'd prefer nothing ever remind me of that.
Peaches' "Downtown"


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