Tuesday, November 18, 2008

GQ's Men of the Year

Barack Obama, Michael Phelps, Jon Hamm and Leonardo Dicaprio have been dubbed GQ's latest Men of the Year. Let's just go through this list for a second, shall we? Barack Obama-became the first black prez and is the beacon of hope to dig America out from it's gajillions dollar debt and 100 year war. Michael Phelps-unbeatable Olympian and inspiration that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Jon Hamm-suave as Carey Grant with a show that has taken the country by storm. Leonardo Dicaprio-whiney little fug bitch that's always complaining about everything from the paps to the fact that us little common people use too much electricity and suggests that we dry our clothes by blowing on them while he rides in private jets. I guess hypocrisy is totally in this year. Ugh. Leonardo Dicaprio. I hate his face. I really do.
Now that I've gotten that out, on to something less obnoxious. Jon Hamm spoke to the mag about how he is glad that he had to wait quite some time for his 'Mad Men' fame. So what of today's troubled young stars? "I see actors in this town who make it big young. They don't understand the word no: 'What do you mean I can't kill this elephant, drop it on a car, set it on fire, and then snort it?'" he jokes. I just had to squeeze that quote in. It's quite possibly my new favorite quote ever. Anyway, here is the rest of the list including the sexadocious and magnificent Seth MacFarlane.
Mogul of the Year: Seth MacFarlane!
Screen Idol of the Year: James Franco
Tough Guys of the Year: Cast of "The Wire"
Prick of the Year: Gordon Ramsay
Drama Queen of the Year: Sean Penn
Mad Genius of the Year: John Malkovich
Obsession of the Year: Megan Fox


Johnny Cakes said...
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Johnny Cakes said...

I laugh every time I see Michael Phelps in any sort of environment other than a pool. I mean, every magazine makes him look like a man-on-man ad from the back of the local weekly entertainment rag. Is this the image his publicist aims for? Publicist: No, Mike won't do your mag, you haven't made him look fierce enough!

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