Saturday, November 29, 2008

Have You Seen Joaquin's Hotness?

Poor Joaquin Pheonix has seemed to lost his hotness-do you know wherst it went? I really think we need to start making up some fliers and sending his picture to the milk carton distributing people. Because this is just not good. Don't get me wrong-I am a total sucker for a beard. I'm drawn to them like a moth to a flame. But the beard mixed with the beer bloat mixed with the stretched out shirt mixed with the bitchy drunk attitude you just know he's got going on makes this whole thing a situation to run from. Far, far away.
Anyway, here's his former hotness at Funkmosphere the other night debuting his rap career. Yes, I said rap career, not that his career is a rap. Which it is. But that's besides the point. Casey Affleck was also there to film this whole bad situation for a soon to be released documentary about Joaquin's transition from movies to music. In other words, he's getting good footage for the E! True Hollywood story about Joaquin's fall from grace and his downward spiral into insanity and boozeland. When the shit hits the fan (and indeed, it will), I'm blaming Casey Affleck.


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