Saturday, November 1, 2008

Holly Madison and Criss Angel Make it Official

Girl next door Holly Madison and Criss Angel stepped out as a couple last night for the first time at the premiere of "Criss Angel's Believe". I'm definetely going to call this one an upgrade-despite the fact that I positively loathe C.A. He may be total Massengil, at least his peen isn't official deceased. And although I am sure he has something-be it syphillis or jerpes-whatever it is cannot be as bad as whatever Hef has floating around that 642 year old body of his. Not only has he slept with a billion women, his peak was in a time when people were all "condomns?!? Whas that?" I don't care who you are, if you look inside of your heart of hearts, you will find that you would take Massengil over playing V.D. roulette with an out of service dick any day of the week.


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