Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Hottest Fire Breathing Giant Ever Attends GQ Party, Thousands Rush to Safety

Move over Megan Fox-there's a bigger hottie in attendance at the GQ Men of the Year awards and her name is Khloezilla. The only useful Kardashian attended the party in a black dress that at one time was probably tarp for The Giant's stadium and some shimmery bracelets that used to be De-Fen Yao's belt. Although the gorgeous giant meant well, I'm sure there were at least a few dozen casualties resulting in her accidentally knocking some skyscrapers down when she sneezed. This most likely sent the masses into a panic, surrying to find shelter in underground sewers and bomb shelters. There's probably still some panicked victims feeding off rats and cursing their cell phones for not getting reception beneath solid ground. But it's all worth it to behold the beauty of Khloezillz. I say this out of love, but also a little out of fear. I do not want to anger Khloezilla, lest she pick up my house and throw it into the Bering Sea.


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