Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hugh Dancy in Vogue Hommes International F/W 08/09

I never quite got the appeal of this Hugh Dancy person. I always thought he looked a little...well...girly. Don't get me wrong-I appreciate all different types of beauty. But for me, I personally don't like it when a dude is prettier than me. I prefer a man who is a tad rough around the edges and willing to get dirty (both literally and figuratively). I also require the ability to both analyze complex literature, and nail shit to the wall. (Yes, I know I am a picky bitch). While Dancy definetely looks like an analyzer, he's never looked as if he could craft wooden furniture with just a pocket knife and his bare man hands, therefore I have never found him attractive. However, in the cover for the Fall/Winter edition of Vogue Hommes Internation, I guess I see the appeal. Although he probably couldn't carve me up a headboard, he looks like he could whittle a mean toy rocking horse, which I suppose is good enough for me. (Although I'm still not buying whatever he seems to be selling.)


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