Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Voting Day, Beeeches!

Today's voting day and as a citizen of the world, I ask you-nay, plead with you, to vote for progression, not regression. We desperatly need to work towards democracy and civil rights for all. A vote for McCain/Palin is indeed a vote for change-by taking away many of the freedoms that women, gays, lesbians and many other equal inhabitants of this country deserve. Vote Obama! And Californians, vote NO on Prop 8!!!


Madam Miaow said...

Here in the UK we're waiting with bated breath (mine's baited with chicken jalfrezi - cats luv it!) to see whether our Amurkin cousins do the right thang and boot out the Bushes and their planet-crunching legacy. It's been like the crazy monster from Cloverfield has been stomping across the globe these past eight years.

So puh-leaze, everyone. Vote for Obama. You know it makes cents.

Aliers said...

Mrs M - I'm freaking out right now! I'm really getting scared this shite has been rigged! Just seeing all the probs people are having today with voting (especially in blue states) is making me think that having honest elections in this country is a lost cause. :(

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