Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jaime Pressly and Baby Daddy Split

Who didn't see this one coming? Jaime Pressly and fiancé, Eric Cubiche have just split. The couple, who has a one and a half year old son named Dezi (Arnez Jr.) James must have been watching too much "Friends", because bitches decided to 'take a break'. "We are taking a break from our relationship but we are together every day with Dezi and still love each other very much," the actress tells Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell. She also said that they plan to "remain close friends as we both adore our son and want to make sure he knows we both love him more than life." LIES! I hardly think these two are going to be having brunch over scones and discussing how their day at work went. In fact, I don't think they were ever friends to begin with. Everytime you saw them together you could see the contempt just oozing out of their pores. They definetely seemed like one of those couples who was always fighting no matter who was around. You could be trying to have a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner over their house and they just keep throwing verbal punches on whose job it was to stuff the turkey and why there are no marshmallows in the yams. Eventually the whole thing ends with everyone grabbing their crap and running out the door without them being any the wiser because they're too busy going on about who was resposible for them being late to see "The Changeling" last week, causing them to miss the previews. Yeah, I think it's just best that they seperate. Make some different people miserable for a while.


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