Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jared Leto on GQ Style Italy F/W 08/09

Jordan Catalamo pretends to be all suave and devil may care in the Italian issue of GQ Style, but we all know it took 3 hours, 10 bottles of hair gel and a team of five stylists to make him look like he doesn't give a fuck. Give it up Angel! We all know you spend more hours in front of the mirror than most women and gay men put together. I would say Claire Danes must be embarrassed to have locked lips with Penzoil, but that ho sleeps with dudes who have pregnant chicks at home, so I'm assuming she's not exactly the choosey type.


Johnny Cakes said...

My favorite picture (and by favorite I mean, the one that makes me wanna hoark) is the last one: Catalano looking all 'mechanical' and shit--what with the Ministry tee, and about to go under a car. A BM-Farking-W!!! Note: Jord-o, if you want street cred with the 'goths' and 'metal-heads' then ace the Beemer. 'Shit makes my dick soft, yo.

Aliers said...

I used to ♥ Jordan Catalano back in the day.
Jared just doesn't have it anymore :(

Anonymous said...

Jared is still beautiful. These pictures are not his best though...I wish he would use less hair gel, and lose the clothes. HE'S HOT!!

Mrs. M. said...

What a good observation! Someone definetely needs to break the whole "less is more" approach to him.

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