Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston in December's Vogue

Everybody's favorite girl next door (except for the Brangiloonies, that is) Jen Aniston goes beachy-cas in the latest issue of Vogue. This is of course the issue that people are buzzing about, because Jen talks about Saint Angie for the first time saying, "There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening. I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss. That stuff about how she couldn't wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool." However Jen states that despite the tabloid covers insisting otherwise, she and Brad are now on good terms. "It wasn't mean and hateful and all of this stuff that they tried to create about Brad can't talk to Jen and Jen can't talk to Brad because this person won't allow it. It just didn't happen. The marriage didn't work out. And pretty soon after we separated, we got on the phone and we had a long, long conversation with each other and said a lot of things, and ever since we've been unbelievably warm and respectful of each other." Jennifer also says that neither she-nor any other woman-should waste time pining over some man. "But there is more to me than just a tabloid girl. This whole 'Poor lonely Jen' thing, this idea that I'm so unlucky in love? I actually feel I've been unbelievably lucky in love. Just because at this stage my life doesn't have the traditional framework to it—the husband and the two kids and the house in Connecticut—it's mine. It's my experience. And if you don't like the way it looks, then stop looking at it! Because I feel good. I don't feel like I'm supposed to be any further along or somewhere that I'm not. I'm right where I'm supposed to be." She continues by saying "I don't know. I don't…like…girls…whining…and complaining…about…wanting a man! I never liked Sex and the City, the kind of thing where women only feel empowered once they find the Man. It is just not up my alley. I don't believe in it. There is nothing you can control about love. Somebody once said, Everything you want in the world is just right outside your comfort zone. Everythingyoucouldpossiblywant!"


Johnny Cakes said...

Question: If Jen were brown (or any ethnicity aside from vanilla), would Angie adopt her?

Madam Miaow said...

I'm listening to a fascinating BBC Radio 4 programme on the workings of the brain, explaining cortical mantles, difference between brain and mind, Descatres, Cartesians, etc. Meanwhile, I'm idly browsing your site and I see this item. My brain matter immediately clamps on the piece ("Jen finally talks about Ange" — how could I resist?). Next thing is I'm immersed in the World of Brangelina and now I'm lost with the prog and have no chance of catching up, damn your uncanny arcane gifts, Mrs M.

Mind, schmind!

Oops! No, I think I caught a bit there ... A gorilla walks across a basketball court and waves at you while you're absorbed counting goals so you don't see it ...

Madam Miaow said...

BTW, I do know how to spell Descartes, Mrs M.

Brain, schmain!

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