Monday, November 17, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Talks About Talking About Angelina and What Angelina Said That She Said That Brad Did...

Jennifer Aniston recently went on the Oprah show where Oprah asked Jen about what she said about what Angelina Jolie did in the latest issue of Vogue magazine. I'm not even going to get into it because honestly it makes my brain hurt just thinking about all the "she said that he said that she said this about you..." I will say that Jennifer seems gracious and like she is totally over the whole thing, and I truely wish the rest of the world would stop asking her about it so we could stop hearing the same tired answers to the same tired questions. I mean, if that were me and people kept riding my shit for new information, I would seriously tell them that if one more person dared to ask me again what transpired, that I would straight up shank a bitch. Jail time would be totally worth it.


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