Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Because They're Sooooo Pretty...

Ah Djimon Honsou. I don't feel that there even need be a reason to post about him. He is truely a gorgeous man, a brilliant actor, and a real class act. In other words, he is the yin to Kimora Lee Simmon's aderalled yang. He probably sits in a zen-like meditative state, practicing his "Om mani padme hums" while Kimora bounces frantically around like a coked out maniac asking "Whatdoyooo think about this dress Djimon? Whatabout thisone? Orhowaboutthisone? OR MAYBE THIS ONE!!! Where'smyDoetCoke? Didn'tI ask for a lemonwedge? What is the capital of Hungary? Thatremindsme, I needto sync myIpod. Whatson yourIpodDjimon? JohnLegend? Aerosmith? How about Abba? That would be so funny if Abba wasonyourIpod. 'See that girl, whatch that scene digit the dancingqueen!' I'm a dancing queen. that soung is totally about me. I'm a dancing fool and people think I'madrag queen. Did I ever tell you thatDjimon? People think I'm a trannycauseI'm tall, ferocious, and totallyoverthetop. Some people say 'Oh that Kimora-she is too much!' But I just like diamonds. Diamondsareagirl'sbestfriend. Like themovie. With Marilyn Monroe. Shewassoglamorous. I bt people saidshe was overthetop too. Though I doubt they called heratrannny. Were there trannies back then? No. Probably not. That reminds me-I need to get more pencils for my office. Djimon, are you listeningtome? Djimon? DJJJIIIIIIMOOON!!!"


Aliers said...

He is beautiful.
I don't get her.

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