Thursday, November 20, 2008

Karolina Kurkova Has No Belly Button.

That's right. Bitch has no belly button which can only mean one thing: she is not of this world. She is clearly an updated, hotter version of ALF sent here to either destroy our planet, or capture the Loch Nech Monster. I mean, she has to be an extraterrestrial seeing as how the belly button is one of the intrumental characteristics of a human being. No belly button means no umbilical chord which means not of Earth. Victoria's Secret has confirmed that Karolina is severely jacked stating that they digitally add a belly button to the model's photos whenever her mid-section is photographed. They even keep several bb photos on hand from different angles in order to get the angle right. So the next time you're looking at some snaps of a seemingly perfect model, you can feel better knowing that she's probably either got no belly button, or has Barbie smooth parts in her netheregion.


Johnny Cakes said...

WTF? C'mon, Mrs. M, EVERYONE knows that if you do not have a belly button does not mean that you are not of this earth! What it means: you were not in utero. What other option is there, you ask? A very rare sort of development called in the butt.

Mrs. M. said...

LOFL!!! You make me giggle.

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