Monday, November 24, 2008

Lily Charles is not Amused.

Yes this is my second Pushing Daisies post of the day, but this is of the upmost importance. The greatest show on Earth isn't even off the air yet, and already people are claiming the show's style as their own. Swoosie Kurtz stars as the martini and olive slugging, former nun and syncronized swimming star of the The Darling Mermaid Darlings secret mother of Chuck Charles who lost her right eye in a litter box cleaning accident. Lily is a flawless piece of work that always makes a point of matching her eye patch with her daily ensemble. Obviously Rihanna thought that no one would notice her blantant rip off of the lovely Lily Charles when she donned a silver bedazzled cheap knock off of Lily's signature patch, but I have! Oh I am so onto you RiRi! You may think you have fooled others, but you have not fooled me! Next she will be carrying a cane similar to House's and popping Vicodin while sexually harrassing her backup dancers and telling them they are morons with sarcoidosis. Way to spit in the eye of the disabled, Rihanna. For shame!


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