Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Orphan Zoe Emerges!

Finally Little Orphan Zoe was allowed to stop sewing up her step sister's ball gowns and get a much deserved night on the town. Actually, she probably wasn't so much allowed as she was aided and abedded by her little mouse friends who made a pile of pixie sticks into an elegant rickshaw to transport her HIGHness. Regardless of her method of escape, LOZ put on her finest dress (that she made out of discarded dinner napkins and rat droppings) to attend the mtvU Woodie Awards. I don't know what Riley Keough did to deserve having her picture taken with LOZ, but I'm guessing she offered her a half a cup of Starbuck's, a worn copy of Vice, and a box of Sobranie Blues.


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