Friday, November 14, 2008

Little Orphan Zoe Strikes Again!

Two Little Orpahn Zoe sitings in two days?!? Damn, Jaq and Gus must really be working overtime. Actually, I'm pretty sure they trade shifts with Molly, Pepper Kate, Duffy and July. Those bitches are always getting their sad little orphan tears all over LOZ's delicate garments, which I think really adds a certain je nes sais quoi. Anyway, here's our favorite cardboard box abiding orphan at the Keep A Child Alive's 5th Annual Black Ball. If anyone's going to attend such an fundraiser, it should definetely be LOZ. She's like the ambassador for rough and tumble down on their luck rag tag gals. Oh, and in case you're wondering, her HIGHness isn't giving us the peace sign, she's telling us the number of joints she smoked before attending the event. Basically she smokes two joints in the morning, she smokes two joints at night, she smokes two joints in the afternoon cause, well, it makes her feel alright.


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