Sunday, November 30, 2008

Looks Like We Made It

Britney Spears has made it to her 27th birthday, ya'll! Actually she hasn't-her real birthday is in a couple of days. But Britney felt so confident that she's not going to eff things up that she celebrated in advance with her HGICs at G-A-Y nightclub last night. And what a hot bunch she was surrounded by. You have a younger, chubbier Bruce Willis, an Alexis Arquette doppleganger, and a Alber Elbaz meets Bobby Trendy hybrid giving major face and stealing Brit's thunder. It's like a gayer Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids minus that hot bitch Bucky.
Anyway, here's to you Britney! Keep taking your meds, combing your weave, and wearing underoos and you'll live to blow even more. Candles, I mean. I love this girl, ya'll.


nv said...

HAHAHHAHA to the chubby bruce willis, i love britbrit glad she's getting better but she shouldve been partying with hotter people

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