Friday, November 28, 2008

Madonna? Is that You?

Damn! What the helly hell did Madge have done? She looks fabulous! And like she actually reversed that sex change! I haven't seen her look this feminine and glassy eyed in years.
What's that you say? This is actually none other than our little Britney Spears looking like she straight up stole Madge's "Sticky and Sweet" costume? Well hello dolly! That's probably the real reason she joined Mandonna onstage a few weeks ago. So sly that Brit!

Anyway, Princess B worked what she got at last night's Bamabi Awards in Germany, performing her smash(ed) hit "Womanizer". Our little reformed hot mess even walked away with a little Bambino trophy awarded to her by Karl Lagerfeld. Yes, Karl Lagerfeld. Nothing makes you feel like a more sane, collected individual than standing next to his critical, bony ass. I'm sure he pleasantly handed Britney her trophy while whispering in her ear, "You look like a fucking lard ass and I am ashamed to be on this stage with you. I cannot believe the floor has not collapsed. Now take your shitty statue and try not to eat it." You know Karl-very concerned about nutrition. And when I say nutrition, I mean starving yourself to look like a Somalian refugee.
Coming back lookin' delicious...

Madonna feels robbed.


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