Friday, November 21, 2008

Mischa Barton Thinks She's Interresting

Once upon a time, Mischa Barton was a young, in demand actress staring in a hit television show. Fast forward a few years and a few thousand blunts later, and Mischa is...umm...what does she do? Profession party attendant? Wearer of dresses so fug that no one with working eyes would dare wear them? A less attractive, less interresting Nancy Botwin from "Weeds"? Whatver it is Mischa is calling herself these days, she is convinced that somehow people still give a crap about her and want to know everything about her life-even if it's false stories garnered by the media. To combat rumors, Mischa has created her own website, In a video message on the website she says, "This is something I've really wanted for a long time, I'm just excited to have a real connection with my fans (she has fans?!? Or did she mean to say FAN?) and put some truth out there. I just think there's all kinds of misconceptions on the Internet these days and I really think that the Internet can be used for good and for bad and there's all kinds of crap that's written about me...Half the time I look at the internet and read these stories and they're just so outlandish and not true at all and I don't want my fans (again with that word!) to have the wrong idea of who I am as a person." Ok first of all, I'm sure the one leaking all these "false stories" to the rags is a secret source who goes by the name of Bischa Marton. Secondly, who cares what this bitch is up to? I guarantee you lead a more amazing and fullfillung life than this wannabe Brit chick. I know you're probably saying to yourself, "That's awfully hypocritical of you Mrs. M to say that no one cares about Mischa when you are taking time out of your precious life to write about her." And my answer to that is simply that I hate Mischa Barton. And just like Tears of a Clooney, I am devoted to opening the world's eyes to their fake fuckery. I have no pity nor can I find a place in my heart for a narcissistic bitch who whines and cries about how hard it is to be pretty, and how gorgeous people have it the hardest. Fuck all those starving children in the world, all the orphans, all the homeless, all the refugees. You don't know real heartache until you are young and pretty and making a ridiculous amount of money to be a shitty actress. That is true suffering.


Johnny Cakes said...

Swell post. The last two lines are print gold!

This is some good pooh, too--the same Mischa Barton (who is usually pictured in disgusting get-ups falling out of clubs and her tops) recently commented on HER OWN style: I think the reason people like my style is that I do my own thing.

Jigga, whuh?

Mrs. M. said...

Again I would really like to ask Mischa who these "fans" and "people that like her style" are. And stuffed animals on her bed do not count.

Daners Isadora a.k.a Busty St. Clair said...

"Mischa Barton Thinks She's Interesting"

Well, Mischa Barton is wrong

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