Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monica Bellucci in November's Italian GQ

In the November issue of GQ Italy, the goddess Monica Bellucci once agains makes us mere mortals jealous by showing off her incredible body and magnificent face. With women like Ms. Bellucci in the world, how can us regular women ever have a chance? I guess we don't-all we can do is bask in the gorgeousness that is the Bellucci and thank the gods for sending us the perfect specimen to stare while we drown in a methaphorical ocean of pure jealously.



Aliers said...

She's hawt.
I'll have to Google her tho, I'm not familiar with her.

Mrs. M. said...

Oh my gorsh she is amazing! You probably do know her-she was in I think the third Matrix and Shoot Em Up. I can't believe she's in her mid 40's.

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