Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Worst Nightmare

So Kim Kardashian showed up at the 14th Annual Make-A-Wish Ball at Hotel Intercontinental in Miami on Saturday night. Someone please, please tell me why. Haven't those poor children suffered enough? What kind of sick, saddistic person would inflict that kind of emotional distress on a poor, suffering child? I thought Make a Wish supported happy, healthy dreams-like a cancer patient shooting hoops with Michael Jordan, or getting adopted-if only just for pretend-by Angelina Jolie. Even if it just means mocking up one of those Cabbage Patch type birth certificates. Either way, I thought the whole point was to put a smile on children's faces-not make weep and run for a remote mountain where they would not have to endure that kind of psychological fuckery. I mean, can you even imagine? You're all jazzed because Make a Wish says they have a suprise for you only to have this big assed ho who made a sex tape and a shitty reality show for E! shows up? She's not even on network television for God's sake! Sure the kid might be able to use her ass as a trampoline, but other than that, what good is she? What, was Tara Reid too busy? Pamela Anderson not answering her Blackberry? For the love, at least send Ryan Seacrest over. Then at least the child can feel like a tall, mature grown up who is closer to puberty.


Aliers said...

Those poor kids got the short end of the poop stick, that's for sure!

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