Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nice Try, Rose McGowan. But Even Glasses Won't Disguise That Hideous Face

Former hot ginger Rose McGowan seriously effed up her mug for life when she underwent plastic surgery at the ripe old age of 20-something. I'm sure everyone here can relate to caving in to thge plastic surgery monster once you hit 27 because 27 is almost 30 and thirty is almost dead. But instead of getting a flawless face like Von Teese, Rosie ended up looking like a melting Madam Tussaud's version of Judy Garland after all the years of boozing, smoking and coking it up. Not cute. And although Rose is finally trying to do us all a favor by diverting attention away from the sags and gags by donning a pair of Buddy Holly glasses, unfortunately I can still see her sad, saggy face. Methinks Rose needs to take it one step further and just slap on a nice, well fitted, easy breathing face mask. I personally think Darth Maul would suit her perfectly. Or even Leatherface. That way she wouldn't be improving her regular face that drastically and we would still get the essence of Rose minus some of the hideous features.


Johnny Cakes said...

Mrs. M, I am wiff ya! Rosie McG should've stayed wiff the 'big titty maven' look vice Lisa Loeb. P.S., Lisa Loeb is going to kill her wiff her sweetness!

Nicole said...

She's gorgeous (or used to be??) -- what does her plastic surgery look like w/o the glasses?

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