Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Peaches Geldolf Has Sticky Fingers

In "rich people stealing shit they could easily buy" news, Peaches Geldof was caught stashing crap from Luna & Curious in East London into her coat that probably costs more than your yearly salary. Workers at L&C claim Peaches was acting atrociously (wtf else is new?) before they noticed she had lifted some merchandise. The staff caught up with the heiress when they spotted her browsing in another store a mere 100 feet away. Balsy, that one! After being confronted, Peaches sheepishly went back to the store and paid for the stuff she had stolen. O.k. first of all, if that had been you or I, we would have immediately been thrown in the slammer while inmates greased up their broomsticks awaiting our pretty baby faces. Secondly, these rich bitches have some kind of nerve stealing things that they could easily afford. The kind of entitlement that goes along with being handed everything you've ever wanted in life is really quite disgusting. She just thinks she's Veruca Fucking Salt, doesn't she? "Daddy! I want a pony! And not just any pony-a talking pony to fetch me my tea and my coke mirror and my meticulously torn fishnets that I wear to look punk rock! I want it now! Want, want, want!!!!!" I don't know about you, but I think a good belt whooping is long overdue for this one.


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