Friday, November 7, 2008

People in Espanol's "Stars of the Year".

People en Espanol (People in Spanish-for those of you who do not have any sense in the brain) has come out with their annual "stars of the year" list with celebs such as Shakira, Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi making the cut. Now, Shakira I understand because, well, she says she does a lot of crap for other people and ehr hips don't lie so I'm apt to believe her. But Ricky Martin as father of the year? Sculpted eyebrows of the year maybe, but father of the year? I'm going to have to see a mug or something of that nature to believe that one. Anyway, here's the list if you care:
Humanitarian of the Year- Shakira
Actor of the Year - Chayanne
Mother of the Year - Aracely Arambula
Ricky Martin - Father of the Year
Actress of the Year - Edith Gonzalez
Surprise of the Year - Alisson Lozz
Hunk of the Year - Eugenio Siller
Discovery of the Year -Carmen Villalobos
Singer of the Year -Luis Fonsi
Composer of the Year - Marco Antonio Solis
Unbreakable of the Year -Jenni Rivera


Aliers said...

hee about Ricky Martin and the father of the year mug!

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