Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pink Insults John Mayer, Wins More of my Respect

Pink is my kind of lady-she doesn't take crap from anyone, she loves tattoos and she's not afraid to tell women to stop low balling themselves. Evidence of this? The recent argument she got into with John Mayer about how he uses women. “I got into an argument with him. He said something along the lines of, ‘I only shag really stupid women,’ and I said, ‘I guess they would have to be.’ I don’t get him and Jennifer at all.” Naturally, when Jennifer heard this she flipped her shit. Not at John, but at Pink. "She’s livid that Pink would suggest she is stupid like that in public. But Pink was actually defending Jennifer — John infuriated her by talking about women like that. Jennifer has already made it quite clear that Pink is to be blacklisted among her circle." First of all, I wouldn't think that Pink and Jennifer Aniston would ever run in the same circle. I just don't see that happening. Second of all, who would not throw a brick at their boyfriend if they said they only shagged stupid women? That bitch would be on his knees so fast he would get fucking rug burn. Finally, I am pleased that someone finally stood up to John Mayer. I don't know what makes him think he's God's gift to humanity, but he's certainly not. He's just a glorified suburban jock douche who has managed to fool dumb bitches into thinking he's all sensitive because he wrote a song about the magnificence of the female form. I truely wish he would just get gangreen and have his dick fall off. That would sincerely be karma at it's very finest.


Jizzka said...

hey there, was just browsin around. You're hilarious. And right. Pink rules.


mama maria said...

You are spot-on about John Mayer. He seems like such a self-centered prick.

Aliers said...

"I truely wish he would just get gangreen and have his dick fall off."

AHAHAHAHA! Awesome. I agree 125%!
And why would Jen be mad at Pink? That makes no effing sense at all.

Pink is the shiznit!!!

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