Friday, November 21, 2008

Queen Ashley Brings Holy Radiance to the Masses

Queen Ashley Olsen took a short break from helping the blind to see and discussing trade options with foreign leaders to attend a launch party for Mango in NYC last night. As you many recall, Mango is the clothing brand of hot mamacita sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz. I suppose Queen is so confident that they do not pose a threat to either of her brands, The Row or Elizabeth and James, that she does not mind gracing them with her holy presence. Either that or she's there to sniff out the competition and tell them if they do not concede to her demands, she will single-handidly squash them with the infinite power of the Olsen Empire, making them wish they were never born.
I also find her dress choice to be quite interresting. It's as if she knows her radiant beauty is so much greater than that of us mere mortals and is doing her best to conceal some of her eqsquisitness. By wearing a giant black bed sheet (1200 thread count Egyptian cotton and at least $2,000 I'm sure), she's giving others a chance to shine. That Queen Ashley, so thoughtful and humble.


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