Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scarlett Johansson in "Wizard" Magazine

Ok I don't know what "Wizard" magazine is all about, but I'm willing to bet their core audience likes to play WOW in their mother's basement while discussing Bilbo Baggins and their role as a level 5 dungeon master. Not that I'm judging. I have friends who play WOW and I still love them (in private-not in public. J/K) That being said, ScarJo looks like she could whip any orc, halfling or dragon into submission with...well, probably a spool of yarn. Have you ever seen those dudes? Poor dears are straight pale marshmallow fluff. Clay Aiken looks like Michael Clark Duncan in comparison.


Johnny Cakes said...

She can sure beat any orc or halfling, and my broad sword is at a +8! Yow!

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