Monday, November 3, 2008

Scene Stealer

Ugh, what an attention whore! Joaquin Phoenix showed up to the AFI Film Festival Centerpiece Gala screening of Che in Hollywood yesterday with the words "Good" and "Bye!" markered onto his knuckles-um, is this China? We read things from left to right here, Joaquin. I know you suffer from crazy in the brains, but let's just try to get on board with the literary protocall. You're not dyslexic, so there's no excuse. Now, I don't know who those other people are, but they have got to be pissed that Joaquin is stealing their moment on the red carpet with his unnecessary shenanigans. They were probably all excited that morning that they were going to have a glamorous Hollywood moment, only to realize that they are working with an infant who has a severe drinking and attitude problem. Joaquin is like that annoying kid who jumps in front of his parents doing cartwheels and making fart noises yelling "Look what I can do! Mom! MOOOOMMMM! DAAAAAAD!!!!!!" while his parents are trying to watch their other, more behaved child perform their piano solo during the class play. Is he trying to be ultra annoying so that we don't miss him when he's gone? If so, mission accomplished.


Aliers said...

LOLZ at the "Bye" "Good" on his knuckles! What a wanker!!!

Maybe he wants us to "Buy Goods"?
That crazy Joaquin and his Joaquin-ie antics!

Mrs. M. said...

OMG lol Aliers! I think you are onto something! Perhaps he is trying to tell us in his own crazy brains way to buy goods for refugee children in war torn countries. Or maybe to buy American Goods to support the homeland? Either way you should totally apply for a job with Joaquin. You can travel on tour with him and be his translator. I bet he'll pay you real good so long as you don't so much as sniff his alcohol.

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